ETN Head Office Internet Telephone - Test page
Although our offices are online most of the time, we don't have always staff available to accept your test calls.
However, ETN will try to accept as many calls as possible in order to show you the great power and easiness of this new online service.
How it works....
  1. Click on the button below, and you will be connected automatically with our office from wherever in the World you are, via the Internet.
  2. Both you and our office only pay for a local call to connect to the Internet.
  3. NO advance download, installation and configuration is necessary.
  4. With a click on the button, our telephone software will be installed on your computer, automatically and only for the duration of the call.
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ETN Telephone User's Guide
  1. Please be sure that....
    - Your microphone + speakers OR headset are connected to your computer
    - Your browser is Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
    - Your browser is Java-enabled
  2. Click on the <Click To Call> button of the office you want to speak.
  3. Enter your info (Name, Email, Reason for the call)
  4. Once your call is accepted, you will be presented with 3 different communication modes to choose from; Please select number 2 (two)
    If there is no one available to accept your call, you will be given the opportunity to leave an email message
  5. Before downloading the Java applet, your browser may ask you for permission.
    Please click on <Grant> whenever you are asked for permission.
  6. After downloading the Java applet, you will enter the ETN text chat room.
    Click on the <People> button at the top right,
    Click in the popup-window on the name of the office you want to speak,
    Click on the <Voice> button at the bottom right to start a voice communication.
  7. If you need help to establish voice communication, the office you want to speak can guide you via the text chat mode, OR they can establish a voice communication.
  8. Whenever you are in the ETN Chat Room, this window remains open.
    Return to this screen whenever you need further instructions.