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  1. Text Chat Room
      Below you entered our Text Chat Room anonymously and automatically
  2. Text Chat Room with Games and Whiteboard
      Whiteboard, Games and Chat
  3. Video + Voice + Text Chat Room
      Free Pc-to-Pc Video and Voice communication
  4. Voice + Text Chat Rooms
      Free Pc-to-Pc Voice communication
      The Internet's best Voice Chat systems, hosted and guaranteed to work by ETN
  5. Voice Message Boards
      Post here your voice messages
  6. Chat with ETN Head Office
      Check the online status of our office
  1. Type your text in the white space below Ignore, then hit Enter
  2. You can change your anonymous number behind Name, then hit Enter
  3. As long as this Window is open you hear a 5-second sound when a new visitor enters this page and a 1-second sound when someone submits a chat text.     Download Java applet player if needed

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