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Start a Voice Chat or Video Chat with Ad Latjes:
After the Text Chat session has started, you can ask Ad Latjes to start a Voice or Video Chat
VOICE + TEXT CHAT     To start a Voice Chat, please click here
VIDEO + VOICE + TEXT CHAT     To start a Video Chat, please click here
Tell Ad Latjes which chat you want to enter and the Login Name you use

Call Ad Latjes at +1-800-360-1703 (USA toll-free)   or   +31-(0)40-401-2001 (Netherlands)
Office Hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10am - 7pm Eastern Time USA (14 - 24h GMT)
Calling these numbers will generate calls, automatically and sequentially, to the different phone numbers where Ad Latjes can be reached     Please be patient, this may take a few minutes

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