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Name = Ivan De Wilde Email = Home_Page = http:// Home_Page_Title = ETN_Found_by = Search Engine I_am_from = Belgium residing in the USA Comments: -- In the mid of January '98, I used your cheap airfare quotes for travel home in the peak season. I received a couple quotes and was very pleased with the given amounts. I booked via Emerald Travel from Minnesota and was very well received with their service. Hopefully I will have a good trip this summer. Thanks a lot for the given service! --
Email = Comments: This is a very good site. Last time I used it I received a prompt reply. keep up the good work. --
Email = Comments: Subject: Travel Experience To Whom it may concern, I wish to let you know that I have recently completed a round trip from Boston, USA to London, England, using a reservation I received from one of the Travel Agencies supporting your network. I must say that the price offered and service I received were of the highest order and will make sure I receommend your services to others in my company and friends who may be contemplating International travel. The Agency who booked my flight reservations was Tripmakers, who I believe are based in Los Angeles, California. My thanks to you and them for making an otherwise daunting trip very affordable! Regards, William J. O'Byrne.
Email = Comments: -- AWESOME SITE!!! I anxiously await any and all help your service can provide me!! Your site is simple, concise, and a breeze to navigate! Excellent job! Becky --
Email = Comments: -- I was using Internet when travelling from Jakarta to Boston in early January 97 and hotel booking was made through Internet which was amazing. This time we would like to make the flight booking through the Internet, as well. It was very interesting as this will save our time and efforts. Thanks --
Email = Comments: Read the background of your organization and wish you the best of luck on your endeavorsl I live near Sam Francisco, California and my grandparents came from Rotterdam good luck! Irving Morris
Email = Comments: In March we bought your Card, then traveled to England, Scotland and Wales for three weeks. We used your accommodations exclusively and were so pleased with the response and the quality of Inns. We are recommending you to all of our Friends and Inns here in the States. Now for the question....where do you list your updates for Hotels? You must be adding and dropping off occasionally. Where do we find these changes? Could we be agents for your Cards? Thanks you so much for such a great Job!
Email = Comments: I heard that you are the best and I truely hope that you will help me to find the cheapest air-ticket to my home country.
Email = Comments: During March 1997, my husband and I used your China representative, Rush Zhou at CCITS in Beijing to make hotel reservations in Shanghai and Beijing. We also did a one day tour to the Great Wall and Ming Tombs with Rush. He is outstanding! Very very helpful. Very professional. Very enthusiastic. My husband and I were both impressed. We're now looking into a independent Egyptian trip and I have contacted your Egyptian representative for assistance. I am so appreciative of your service; it really benefits the independent traveler. Just thought you should know. Jo Gilbert.
Name = Stephen Durfee Email = Home_Page = Home_Page_Title = Abaca Herbs & Coffee ETN_Found_by = Search Engine I_am_from = Raleigh, NC, USA Comments: This web site is a perfect example of how the Internet can be leveraged to make wise purchasing decisions!
Email = Comments = What a fantastic idea!! Reserving tickets from home.
Email = Comments = Great idea!! My travel agent can't help me at all with international bookings!!!
Email = Comments = Most complete travel website on the internet!
Email = Comments = This is the most uncomplicated travel info page. Thank you for making this search easy.
Email = Comments = this is a great service as one who does not ever travel i did not know where to start
Email = Comments = The Best Damn Ticket Info Provider on the Net
Email = Comments = By the way, my request to ETN for information on discount air fares to Italy resulted in a number of very good responses. In fact one travel agent told me that the responses from ETN requests were "overwhelming" - this service was very useful to me.
Email = Comments = I am signing your guest book. Thanks for a great site! Marsha Gainey, Editorial Assistant, AIMR Educational Products Div.
Email = Comments = Our family is really happy: have used your service previously, and never a moments' dissatisfaction!
Name = simon Email = ETN_Found_by = Search Engine I_am_from = Australia Comments = Like the idea but my monochrome screen can't read a lot of the entries - it's like groping in a dark room "ahhh, that's a lamp". Very slow and frustrating for me. I haven't been able to effectively find cheap airfares for this reason.
Email = Comments = have used this service already previously, and have not yet found a better one on the Internet
Email = Comments = what a great site!
Email = Comments = I appreciate being able to check air fares from my home. Thank you for this valuable service
Email = Comments = This is one of the best things someone can find on internet
Name = Rick( RKB) Email = ETN_Found_by = Link from another Internet page I_am_from = Graz- Styria-Austria-EUROPEAN UNION Comments = I´m looking forward to getting some mail from people of south america ! (English or German)
Name = Harold Pachtman Email = ETN_Found_by = Article about ETN in newspaper or magazine I_am_from = Arizona Comments = Looks very good. Will look into in more detail for next Summers vacation.
Name = Alan M. Sandberg Email = Home_Page = Home_Page_Title = Lodging in Vail Colorado, USA ETN_Found_by = Link from another Internet page I_am_from = Vail Colorado USA Comments = Dear ETN, This is one of the most useful travel web pages out there !!
Name = Curtis & Linda Harp Email = MSGHARP@AOL.COM ETN_Found_by = Tip from friend, colleague, etc. I_am_from = Oak Park MI, USA Comments = I just got to this site and I am looking for discount airfares I will be using it as often as possible. I am hoping it will be of benefit to me
Name = Marc Chadbourne Email = Home_Page = Home_Page_Title = Real Estate; Maine ETN_Found_by = Search Engine I_am_from = Waterville, Maine; USA Comments = Great site! Have a link from my site to yours. Please reciprocate.
Name = Adrian M. Sandahl Email = Home_Page = Home_Page_Title = ETN_Found_by = Search Engine I_am_from = Jacksonville, NC Comments = Outstanding system, it helped me out tremendously ! -
Email = Date: X-Info: DAS COMPUTERHAUS Dear Mr. Bart Latjes! Best greetings to your company with attractive activities, and specially to you! I am since 8 months now card holder and had the possibility of using the card three times, which saved me until now around 300 US$. Yous truly, mag (Mag. Gernot F. Augustin)
Email = Comments = don`t have any comments yet, but heard that the service is VERY quickly and trustfull.
Email = Comments = Excellent! I have'nt found its match yet.
Email = Comments = Excellent well connected site!
Email = Comments = You are wonderful! Thank you very much!
Email = Comments: Thank you the update and for your great service. It has been a pleasure to make business with you.
Email = Comments = I believe your orginization are able to help student with a tight budget but still able to enjoy there break after school,thanks your are great and very helpful as well important to be known by many student who need help...thanks.
Email = Comments = Your service is truly an asset to our Internet community and I do look forward to our mutual success in the near future.
Email = Comments = It is a great service the one you are giving to all the world
Email = Comments = compliments to this clear and informative form (no dull JAVA animation)
Email = Comments = If this form works I will think it is the best thing in this entire world. I must admit that it is convenient not to have to haggle with travel agents over the phone. I will probably want to contact you after I have received the info. Thanks for asking!
Email = Comments I have travelled around the world for many years and I do know the value of discount cards to the individual traveller. I have worked with people that have used the ETN card with good results. This is the reason for me turning to you and asking about the possibility of becoming ETN agent in Iceland. I have also used the card with great success, as I was given a card to try out about a year ago.
Email = Comments I'm very impressed with the detail and design of this program good work guys!!
Email = Comments I am thanking you again from your support and service. We are very happy with your service. You are doing great work. If you can send us at least 30-35 e-mails everyday that will do good, I have one person she dose only e-mail request. Again thank you for your all help and assistance.
Email = Comments We have now been a member of ETN for almost a month and we have received dozens of rate requests so far. Many thanks. Some of them have even resulted in firm sales. Your service is terrific. We are very happy with your organisation and we would not want to miss it any more. Many thanks and a lot of success. Yours sincerely TOPAS TRAVEL LTD
Email = Comments = Congratulations! You are the best!
Email = Comments = If this saves me a trip to London to find a consolidator, it makes the whole concept of the Internet a bloomin' miracle!
Email = bparekh@cvbnet.CV.COM Comments: Amazing service.. Liked the basic idea and the page. Thanks for such a wonderful on line service.
Email = Comments = If I can get tickets for the right price it will be the BEST site on the internet !!!!!!
Email = Comments = Been looking for days for airfares in the net until I came across this site. I like it after so many hours this was simple Thanks.
Email = Comments: This is the best web sites for traveling that I never seen before !!!
Comments from NET, the largest Internet magazine in Croatia: ETN Head office web site is one of the MOST interesting place in Europe where you can start with virtual preparing for your next holiday. While you surf the NET through virtual world surf the real world with ETN.
Email = Comments = Keep up the good work
Email = Comments: This is a great service! I was surprised with the quick response time. I had been calling agents and airlines for two weeks prior to trying your service, and the fares quoted by the ETN Agents were among the lowest. In addition, using your service is much more convenient than making dozens of calls. Not only do I intend to use your service for future travel, I have recommended it to several friends and colleagues.
Email = Comments = I am thrilled that you exist!
Email = SINGHAL@MEDLIB.HSCBKLYN.EDU Comments = Looks like a commendable service provided there is no catch because the service looks too good to be true.
Email = Comments = I think that this is a great web page with lots of information You are doing a great job so keep it up!!
From: "John Clifford" To: , Cc: Subject: Re: Web sites > what makes for a > successful online business, with particular reference to > Web site design. Key points reinforce my thinking: people > who are making money on the net have web sites that emphasis > text, not graphics, designed to be easily downloaded at no > more than 14.4 bps, with factual data rather than advertising. > It gives a strong argument, based on what actually sells, > against an "advertising" model of web site design. Ed: This is a VERY interesting point. My home page for gay & lesbian travel is similar to ETN's being filled with links, content and NO graphics except for that cute, Rainbow Flag ! > The only travel site mentioned (and favorably reviewed) > is the European Travel Network site ( > Check it out! Though I have not landed TONS of business from it, I have closed some considerably nice sales. I agree that flashy, graphics and extra-junk wears the patience of online surfers. Not everybody has ISDN or other high-speed connections. In fact, I think the bulk of net surfers do use 14,400 speed modems. Great point ! -- John Clifford - Assistant Manager Sun Travel - Director Man 2 Man ~ Woman 2 Woman Vacations - 3545 Midway Drive San Diego, CA 92110 VOICE 619.222.2786 FAX 619.222.9591
Email = Comments: -- This site is really, really good. I searched many travel-site on the internet, but this one is made very professionell and good. --
San Francisco, Tuesday, 16 July 1996 There is a very interesting article in today's S.F. Chronicle (unfortunately, not included in their online edition, or I would have forwarded it to the list) on what makes for a successful online business, with particular reference to Web site design. Key points reinforce my thinking: people who are making money on the net have web sites that emphasis text, not graphics, designed to be easily downloaded at no more than 14.4 bps, with factual data rather than advertising. It gives a strong argument, based on what actually sells, against an "advertising" model of web site design. The only travel site mentioned (and favorably reviewed) is the European Travel Network site ( Check it out! ---------------- Edward Hasbrouck Travel Time 1 Hallidie Plaza, Suite 406, San Francisco, CA 94102, U.S.A. +1-415-677-0799, fax +1-415-391-1856 affiliations: ASFA, IATA, ARC, APTA
Email = Comments = This web site is very informative, and I am looking forward to the information that I have requested. Thank you for your service!
Email = Comments: Glad to have a service like this. Calling around for information is difficult and tedious.
Email = Comments: -- What a wonderful idea...this could prove to be a real timesaver! --
Email = This is the first time for me to fill this form. It seems to be convenient and nice to have the ETN internet site.
Email = This is an excellent service! I am glad that it is available on the Internet.
Email = Comments = very very good & informative
Email = I think this is a great idea. I don't have to go through 100 tousand homepages.
Name = Remco Timmermans Email = Comments: -- Dear Sir, I'm a Dutch user of the ETN pages, which I think are unique in their kind! Nowhere I found so much airfare- information and links to budget fares as I did here. However, as a budget traveler I mis the possibility to leave some information blank in the discount-fare request form. I don't really care if I depart from Amsterdam, Brussels, Duesseldorf or Köln. And later this year I'm planning to travel to Florida, but I don't care if I fly to Miami, Orlando or Tampa. This would, I suppose, broaden my chances for a real cheap flight. Perhaps it would be a good idea to include the possi- bility to enter more than one departure and destination airport in the same region. Please think about this, because I'm sure many budget travelers encounter this situation. Regards.
Dear sir 1 May 1996 SOHO Media is a multimedia CD titles publishing company based in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.. We are all aware of the fast growth in the Internet, expecially the World Wide Web with it's easy to use interface. In an effort to contribute to this groth SOHO Media is in the process of compiling Chinese WWW guilds/tutorials titles on CD-ROM. We have learned from such sources as T-Way 500 Winner, PC/Computing Best 1,001 > sites, www yellow pages, PCMagazine "The top 100 web sites", and Point's Top 5% of all web sites that your WWW site is one of the best web sites in cyberworld. We hope you can let us put your web site in our CD title . With your permission we will need your assistance for following items: 1. an authorized letter(e-mail) to SOHO Media for the use of your html files (include graphics, max 5 MB) free of charge. 2. The URL address (the WebSite address) and the the E-Mail address 3. we will send you a copy of the final product, please inform us of your mailing address.