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Online Discount Databases and Online Reservations Systems
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  • Welcome to the very heart of the international discount airfares business!
    By its origin ETN is the worldwide association of consolidators, discount travel agents and bucket shops.
  • Below you find travel agents who have an online database of discounted airfares.
    To maintain the high quality of service of all agents given, it is important to inform ETN immediately if you have any complaint about any agent which ETN has recommended to you !
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Lowest fares from the countries below? Click here to request a Fare Quote from local agents in these countries
  1. ARGENTINA: Despegar * Viajo
  2. AUSTRALIA: The Best * Tickets-Center Very Good
  3. BELGIUM: The Best * TravelPrice
  4. BRAZIL: Despegar * Viajo
  5. CANADA: The Best * Tiss * TravelPrice
  6. CHILE: Despegar * Viajo
  7. COLOMBIA: Despegar
  8. DENMARK: eBookers * TravelPrice
  9. FINLAND: eBookers
  10. FRANCE: The Best * Anyway * eBookers * GoVoyages * Tiss * TravelPrice
  11. GERMANY: The Best * eBookers * Ltur * McFlight * Tiss * TravelChannel * TravelClub * TravelPrice * Airlinetickets
  12. HOLLAND: The Best * Very Good * ATP * eBookers * Vliegwinkel * ElCheapo
  13. HONG KONG: Tickets-Center The Best * Very Good * Tiss
  14. INDIA:
  15. IRELAND: eBookers
  16. ITALY: The Best * eViaggi * Tiss * TravelPrice
  17. JAPAN: The Best * No1-Travel
  18. MEXICO: Despegar * Rumbo * Viajo
  19. NORWAY: eBookers
  20. PHILIPPINES: Tickets-Center Very Good
  21. ROMANIA: Airtickets
  22. SINGAPORE: The Best * Travel Mart * Tiss
  23. SOUTH AFRICA: Tiss
  24. SPAIN: The Best * Despegar * eBookers * eViaggi * Rumbo * TravelPrice * Viajar
  25. SWEDEN: eBookers * Tiss
  26. SWITZERLAND: The Best * eBookers * Tiss
  27. THAILAND: Tickets-Center Very Good * BangkokTickets * Tiss
  28. U.K.: The Best * AirticketsDirect * AirfaresUK * Bestravel * eBookers * * Flight Comparison UK * * MajorTravel * Skydeals * Tiss
  29. URUGUAY: Despegar * Viajo
  30. USA: The Best * Very Good * Good * TravelNow * Despegar * EconomyTravel * HotFares * * Tiss * Viajo * WorldWideAir * OneTravel
  31. VENEZUELA: Despegar

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Lowest Fares USA to Europe, Asia, Africa, South Pacific
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      The joint online booking engine of America's best travel agents
      Shows on 1 page the lowest negotiated and published fares from
      travel agents and airlines worldwide
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      Fast booking engine with best fares of many consolidators
Lowest Domestic Fares USA
Listed in order of ETN's preference
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___ Fast booking engine for domestic and international flights
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___ The joint online booking engine of America's best travel agents
Online Reservation Systems for REGULAR airfares:
Your comments about these engines Expedia Travel Travelocity
It's ETN's policy NOT to link to sites which require you to login before you can search for any discounted fares
Passengers should be allowed to search anonymously....
This Booking Engine searches the lowest NEGOTIATED fares from 100's of travel agents worldwide PLUS the lowest PUBLISHED fares of more than 600 airlines in ONE click....
This engine is the Internet's first multiple-agency site where customers can search the deals negotiated by many different travel agents.
Single-agency sites like Travelocity, Expedia and others only search the fares of one particular agency.
You can check and book the fares ONLINE and still get support from live, experienced travel agents in case you have any questions or changes.

ETN Rating of this Service (1-5 Stars): 4,7-Star
This database contains discounted airfares from 18 countries.
For each country you find the fares of ONE participating agent.
Fares are updated daily, flights can be reserved online.
ETN Rating of this Service (1-5 Stars): 4,2-Star
Hot Fares Worldwide
Discount travel agents from all over the World publish here their Last Minute Offers and Special Fares.
Quality of the information varies a lot per country and depends fully on the cooperation and contributions of agents worldwide.
ETN Rating of this Service (1-5 Stars): 3-Star
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It's ETN's policy NOT to link to sites which require you to login before you can search for any discounted fares
Passengers should be allowed to search anonymously....
Please DON'T submit sites which require login first!
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