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3. Compare Webfares with Agents' Fares
4. Online DISCOUNT Databases
5. Low-Cost Airlines + Airpasses
6. Internet-Only Fares
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ETN now guarantees the Internet's lowest fares!
How it works....
1. Send us the completed Form at the right >>>
2. Our 5 best agents specializing in your routing will email you a FREE Fare Quote.
3. If you book with any of these agents and you did not receive the lowest available fare at the time of booking for the flight you booked, ETN will give an immediate and full refund of the difference!
4. This guarantee applies for both Flights and Cruises!
5. NO other online travel service can guarantee this!
ETN cooperates with 750 of the most professional online travel agents in the World, and our computer knows exactly which discount deals and routings are available from which agents in over 125 different countries!
Car Rental Discounts Low rates include taxes, insurance and unlimited mileage. Book instantly now
Cheapest Hostels Worldwide Over 7000 hostels in most major cities. Book instantly online
Travel Insurance Compare rates and coverage of many companies. Buy online here
Cheapest Cruises Great Cruise deals and FREE quotes from many Cruise agents Let our best agents compete for your next trip!
Fare Request Form:
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    Advice for all travellers from ETN, the Internet's leading travel agents association:
Never rely on the quote from just 1 travel agent or online booking engine, regardless of their size.....
No travel agent or online booking engine on Earth has all discounted fares, because 1000's of agents have negotiated private deals with travel suppliers, based on their their contacts, customer base and specialty.
ETN recommends requesting a fare quote from at least 5 different sources, before you have a reasonably complete idea of the available prices for your trip. _ It's ETN's mission to save passengers time and money in this, often boring, shopping process.
Mr.Ad Latjes, President and Founder of ETN
    Explanation of our Top-10 tools to find low fares:
  1. FREE Fare Quotes from The World's Best Travel Agents
    Just complete our simple Fare Request Form and 5 independent, specialist travel agents
    will quote you their best fares for your destination and travel dates.
  2. The HOTTEST Deals on Earth from Travel Agents Around the World
    These deals are NOT found on any other Website or booking engine.
    They are specially negotiated with travel suppliers by our best agents worldwide....
  3. The World's Best Travel Agents
    Not all travel agents are equally good.....Here you find the best ones!!
    Call, fax or email these live agents for their best offers.
    For the best Cruise Agents, please click here
  4. Discount Airfares Databases Online
    Don't waste hours surfing thru online discount databases....
    Here you find the best ones the Internet has to offer!
  5. Low-Cost Airlines
    Although low-cost airlines offer the lowest fares in many cases, it's hard to find them in online booking engines, because most of these engines are owned by high-cost airlines, who don't want too much competition in their own booking systems!
  6. Airpasses of The World
    Airpasses allow UNLIMITED travel within a limited period of time, within ONE country or area, regardless the distances you travel.
  7. FREE Newsletter about Discount Travel
    This Newsletter contains the very best deals, gathered by our agents Around the World. If you are flexible in your travel plans, you will find here some very tempting offers.
    For the headlines of our latest Newsletters, please click here
    Click here for you FREE subscription.
  8. Internet-Only Fares
    Each week a number of major airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies offer highly-discounted, last-minute rates exclusively on the Internet, which you will find here.
  9. Chat with travel experts and other travellers worldwide
    Get the answers to your travel questions in real-time from
    travel experts located in your destination or from other travellers
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More info about ETN:
ETN, European Travel Network, is promoting worldwide the use of discounted flights, cruises, hotels, cars and tours.
Our staff is since 1971 in the discount travel business _ Home of The World's Premier Travel Card
Based on the last figures, ETN expects this year at least 7.5 million visitors viewing 45 million pages and sending 3 million fare requests for 7 million passengers which gives our 750 agents in 125 online countries a potential turnover of US$ 3 billion on flights, hotels, cars, tours and cruises.
ETN is without question, the mother lode of resources for finding cheap fares Yahoo Internet Life