Save up to 90% on
International Phone Calls and Faxes

Reach any telephone or fax in the World !!

  • Very few people love their national telecom company.
  • Most of them are monopolistic bureaucraties which give too expensive phone rates and insufficient customer service.
  • By using Internet for Phone Calls and Faxes, you depend less on your national phone company and you force them to give lower rates with better service.

    How does this service work ?

    1. Via Internet you contact the computer of an US telephone company.
    2. Their computer will ask for your account number and the number you want to call: this can be any telephone or fax in the World !
    3. Then the US telecom operator dials the number wanted over regular phone lines and connects the call with your Internet connection to them.
    4. The party you are calling doesn't need any computer or Internet connection, just a phone or fax.
    5. This way you can reach any telephone or fax in the World and you only pay the deeply discounted phone & fax rates available in the USA.
    6. Examples rates per minute: USA for US$ 0,10, Australia for US$ 0,20, Japan for US$ 0,29, United Kingdom for US$ 0,18, etc. etc.
      Remember, these rates are valid from anywhere in the World !!

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