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1. To show the following Menu on your Website

2. Follow the instructions below
1. Select the 8-line text below with your cursor

2. Copy the selected text ( Hold Ctrl and type C )

3. Open your favorite program to edit your Home Page

4. Paste the selected text ( Hold Ctrl and type V )
on your Home Page, wherever you want to insert the link to ETN Hot Deals
  • DON'T delete the blank lines in the text
  • DON'T paste the text between <table> and </table>
  • DON'T paste the text between <form> and </form>
3. Complete the Form below to register your link
Use Tab to move between the Entry Fields below
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Registers hereby for the 3-MONTHLY drawing of a FREE ticket to London, England
A SECOND FREE Companion's ticket is given to Winners who have an

    I understand that
  1. My winning ticket to London is from the nearest airport to my hometown which has a DIRECT connection to London
    (NO change of aircraft allowed)
  2. I receive a SECOND FREE ticket for my companion (same dates out- and inbound) if I have registered with an email __Sign Up for FREE lifetime Web-based Email Address
  3. Winning ticket(s) to London must be completely used within 6 months, are NOT valid during high seasons, are NOT transferable to another person, and CANNOT be exchanged for cash or other services.
  4. ETN Head Office will notify all registrants of this program about the winners.
  5. Winners will be notified by email by ETN Head Office.
  6. Every time again I have a chance to win a FREE ticket as long as I keep my link to ETN Hot Deals posted on my Website.

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