How to find quickly a specific Discounted Service ??

Use your browser's FIND function under EDIT to find quickly the following services.
Just enter one of the BOLD KEY-WORDS below:

ROOMS (Hotels)      FOOD (Restaurants)    DRINKS (Bars, Clubs)
INTERPRETER         TRANSLATOR            TRAVEL (Travel Agents)
THEATRE             SECURITY              TOURS (Travel Agents)
COMPUTER            HUNTING               BEAUTY (Beauty Clinic/Parlor)
PUBLISH             MEDICAL               JEWEL (Jewels, Antiques)
ADVERTISING         LEGAL (Service)       PARACHUTE (Jumping)
RENT-A-CAR          INSURANCE             VIDEO (Rental/Trading)
TRANSPORT           TENNIS                EXPEDITIONS
SURGERY             DENTAL (Service)      GLASSES (Optical Services)

# = ETN-Approved Supplier of Low-Cost Flights
* = Incoming Tour Operator