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Incomplete list of Airlines which ETN does NOT consider Low-Cost Airlines
    NOT every airline selling low cost airfares is a Low-Cost Airline !
    An airline is recognized by ETN as Low Cost Airline if at least 75 percent of their seats are
    - sold at their lowest published fares OR - a (Very) Good Deal according this page
    Below you find the incomplete list of Airlines which ETN does NOT consider Low-Cost Airlines
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  1. 1Time See under AFRICA
  2. Adam Air Flights within Indonesia
  3. Aer Arann See under EUROPE
  4. Aer Lingus Major European airline based in Ireland
  5. Aeris Bankrupt on 07Nov2003
  6. Agent Air Never started
  7. Air 2000 See under EUROPE
  8. Air Arabia See under ASIA
  9. Air Asia See under ASIA
  10. Air Baltic See under EUROPE
  11. Air Berlin See under EUROPE
  12. Air Blu Warning: Very slow loading home page Flights from Italy
  13. Air Bosnia Bankrupt
  14. Air Canada Major Canadian airline
  15. Air Catalunya Bankrupt
  16. Air Deccan See under ASIA
  17. Air Do - Hokkaido Airlines Website in Japanese only! Flights within Japan
  18. Air Finland See under EUROPE
  19. Air France Major European airline based in France
  20. Air Freedom Bankrupt December 2003
  21. Air Italica Flights within Northern half of Italy
  22. Air Jamaica Major Caribbean airline based in Jamaica
  23. Air Littoral See under EUROPE
  24. Air Luxor Lite See under EUROPE
  25. Air Madrid Warning: Very slow loading home page Flights within Spain
  26. Air Naura Bankrupt
  27. Air North Flights between Western Canada and Alaska
  28. Air One See under ASIA
  29. Air One Italy Flights from Italy and within Italy
  30. Air Polonia See under EUROPE
  31. Air Scotland See under EUROPE
  32. Air Service Plus See under EUROPE
  33. Air Slovakia Flights between Slovakia and England, India, Middle East
  34. Air Southwest See under EUROPE
  35. Air Tran See under USA
  36. Air Transat Flights between Canada and Europe, USA and Central/South America
  37. Air Turquoise Flights within France
  38. Air Vallee Flights within Italy
  39. Air Wales See under EUROPE
  40. Airlib Express Bankrupt
  41. Aero Lanka Flights within Sri Lanka and South India
  42. Allegiant Air Flights between Las Vegas and Western USA cities
  43. Alpi Eagles See under EUROPE
  44. America West See under USA
  45. American Airlines Major US airline
  46. American Trans Air See under USA
  47. Arkia Flights between Israel and Europe, USA
  48. Asian Spirit Warning: Very slow loading home page Flights in the Philippines
  49. Athena Air See under ASIA
  50. Atlantic Coast Flights in the Eastern USA
  51. AtlasJet Flights from Turkey
  52. Australian Airlines Flights between Australia and Asia
  53. Awas Air Flights between Czech Republic and holiday destinations
  54. Azzurra Air See under EUROPE
  55. Baboo See under EUROPE
  56. BackpackersXpress See under SOUTH PACIFIC
  57. BasiqAir See under EUROPE
  58. BerlinJet Bankrupt
  59. Bexx Air See under EUROPE
  60. Blue Air Airline based in Romania
  61. BMI Baby See under EUROPE
  62. Bra See under SOUTH AMERICA
  63. Braathens Airlines Flights within Norway and between Norway and major European cities
  64. British Airways Major U.K. airline
  65. British European See under EUROPE
  66. British Midland Airways Major U.K. airline
  67. BudgetAir Ireland See under EUROPE
  68. BuzzAway Sold by KLM to Ryanair
  69. Canada Western Airlines See under CANADA
  70. CanJet See under CANADA
  71. Carpat Air Airline based in Romania
  72. Cebu Pacific Air Flights within the Philippines
  73. Chalk's Ocean Airways Flights between South Florida and the Bahamas
  74. Cimber Air Flights from Denmark and within Denmark
  75. Cirrus Airlines Flights within Germany and surrounding countries
  76. City Airline Flights between England and Sweden
  77. Club Air Flights between Italy and Eastern Europe
  78. Coast Air Flights within Norway
  79. Continental Airlines Major US airline
  80. Corendon See under EUROPE
  81. Cubana Flights from Cuba to Canada, Europe, Central/South America
  82. DarwinAirline Website in Italian only! Flights from Switzerland (home base Lugano) to France, Italy, Spain
  83. Delta Airlines Major US airline
  84. Denim Airways Flights within Germany
  85. Deutsche BA See under EUROPE
  86. Discovery Link Flights from Czech Rep. Doesn't look like an airline, more like a scam!
  87. Dream Air Never started
  88. Duo See under EUROPE
  89. DutchBird Flights between Holland and Portugal, Spain Bankrupt in January 2005
  90. EastJet Flights from Sweden (home base Stockholm) to Thailand
  91. EasyJet See under EUROPE
  92. EuroFly Flights from Italy
  93. European Air Express Flights between Poland and Germany, Switzerland
  94. Evolavia See under EUROPE
  95. Excel Airways See under EUROPE
  96. Fairline Austria See under EUROPE
  97. Fly Air Website in Turkish only! - WARNING: Avoid Fly Air, almost banned in Europe! Flights within Turkey
  98. Fly Eco Never started
  99. Fly Me See under EUROPE
  100. Fly Niki NOT a real airline, just a branded version of Air Berlin
  101. Flying Finn Bankrupt 27Jan2004
  102. Free Airways Never started
  103. Freedom Air See under SOUTH PACIFIC
  104. Fresh Aer Bankrupt
  105. Frontier Airlines Used to be Low-Cost Airline, not any longer!
  106. Futura Aer Flights to and from Spain
  107. Gandalfair Flights within Italy and from Italy
  108. Germania Express See under EUROPE
  109. German Wings See under EUROPE
  110. GetJet Poland Never started
  111. Globespan See under EUROPE
  112. Go Fly Sold by British Airways to Easyjet
  113. Gol See under SOUTH AMERICA
  114. GoodJet Bankrupt
  115. Gulf Traveller Flights between Middle East and Australasia, Europe, USA
  116. Hapag-Lloyd Express See under EUROPE
  117. Helios Airways Flights between Cyprus and Bulgaria, England, Ireland
  118. Hellas Jet See under EUROPE
  119. Helvetic Airways See under EUROPE
  120. HMY Airways See under CANADA
  121. Hooters Air Flights between Myrtle Beach and East Coast cities USA
  122. Hop See under EUROPE
  123. I-Jet See under USA
  124. Iceland Express See under EUROPE
  125. Impulse Airlines Bankrupt
  126. InterSky See under EUROPE
  127. Israir Airlines Flights from Israel
  128. Jet Airways Flights within India
  129. Jet Magic Bankrupt 28Jan2004
  130. Jet2 See under EUROPE
  131. JetBlue Airways See under USA
  132. JetsGo Airlines See under CANADA
  133. JetsSky Flights between Netherlands and European cities
  134. Jetstar See under SOUTH PACIFIC
  135. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Major European airline based in The Netherlands
  136. Korean Airlines Major Asian airline based in Korea
  137. KullaFlyg Flights within South Sweden
  138. Kulula See under AFRICA
  139. Lagun Air Flights within Spain
  140. Lan Chile Major South American airline based in Chile
  141. Lion Air Flights within Indonesia
  142. Low Fare Jet Bankrupt
  143. Lufthansa German Airlines Major European airline based in Germany
  144. Lydd Air Flights between England (Lydd Airport) and France (Le Touquet)
  145. Menajet Charter airline based in Beirut, Lebanon
  146. Meridiana See under EUROPE
  147. Mexicana Airlines Major Mexican airline
  148. Midwest Express See under USA
  149. Monarch Airlines See under EUROPE
  150. My Travel Lite See under EUROPE
  151. Nordic Airlink See under EUROPE
  152. Northwest Airlines Major US airline
  153. Norwegian Air Shuttle See under EUROPE
  154. Now Never started
  155. Onur Air Charter airline based in Turkey WARNING: Avoid Onur Air, almost banned in Europe!
  156. Orient Thai Airlines Flights between Thailand and Eastern Asia
  157. Oriental Air Bridge Website in Japanese only! Flights within Japan
  158. Origin Pacific Airways Flights within New zealand
  159. Pacific Blue See under SOUTH PACIFIC
  160. Pan Am Flights between Eastern US cities and Caribbean
  161. PB Air Flights within Thailand
  162. Phuket Air WARNING: Avoid Phuket Air, almost banned in Europe! Flights within Thailand and flights from Thailand
  163. Point Afrique Flights from Western Africa to Paris
  164. Regional Express Flights within Southeast of Australia
  165. Ryanair See under EUROPE
  166. Scandjet See under EUROPE
  167. Sibir Air Major Russian airline
  168. Silesian Air Never started
  169. SkyEurope See under EUROPE
  170. Skymark Airlines Website in Japanese only! See under ASIA
  171. Skynet Airlines Very slow booking engine! See under EUROPE
  172. Skynet Asia Airways Website in Japanese only! See under ASIA
  173. Smart Wings See under EUROPE
  174. Snalskjutsen See under EUROPE
  175. SnowFlake Airlines See under EUROPE
  176. Solair Flights between Central America and North America
  177. Song Air See Low Cost Airlines' Graveyard
  178. Southeast See under USA
  179. Southeast Airlines Flights within Eastern USA and to/from Las Vegas
  180. Southern Winds Airlines Flights within Argentina and from Argentina to Chile, Spain, USA
  181. Southwest See under USA
  182. Spanair Flights from Spain to several European cities
  183. Spirit Airlines See under USA
  184. Sterling See under EUROPE
  185. Styrian Spirit Flights from Austria (home base Graz)
  186. Sun Country Used to be Low-Cost Airline, not any longer!
  187. Sun Express See under EUROPE
  188. Swedline See under EUROPE
  189. Swiss Skies Flights between Switzerland and Afghanistan
  190. Taca Flights between Central America and North/South America
  191. Tango Airlines See under CANADA
  192. Ted Flights within the USA, operated by United Airlines
  193. ThaiJet Flights between Germany and Thailand Doesn't look like a serious operation!
  194. ThomsonFly See under EUROPE
  195. Tiger Airways See under ASIA
  196. TransMeridian Airlines Flights between Florida and P.Rico, Northeast US, Midwest US, Las Vegas
  197. U Air See under SOUTH AMERICA
  198. United Airlines Major US airline
  199. Universal Airlines Flights between Guyana (South America) and the USA
  200. USA 3000 See under USA
  201. V Bird See under EUROPE: Bankrupt October 2004
  202. ValuAir See under ASIA
  203. Virgin Atlantic Major U.K. airline
  204. Virgin Blue See under SOUTH PACIFIC
  205. Virgin Express See under EUROPE
  206. Virgin USA See under USA
  207. Viva Airlines Flights in the Eastern Caribbean
  208. VLM Airlines See under EUROPE
  209. Volare Web See under EUROPE
  210. Westjet See under CANADA
  211. White Eagle Never started
  212. Windjet Never started
  213. Windjet Vola See under EUROPE
  214. Wizz Air See under EUROPE
  215. Zip See under CANADA Bankrupt in 2004
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