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When you don't have time or money to travel, you can still be in contact with your family, friends and business partners around the World with the online tools which ETN has made available below
Select your preferred
type of communications:
Real-time Voice Real-time Text Delayed Voice + Video Delayed Text
1.   Call from your PC to any telephone worldwide
      Make future phone calls from this webpage at very competitive rates
2.   Voice Chat Rooms   Free Pc-to-Pc Voice communication
      Both voice and text chat with other online users
3.   Talk PC to PC   Free Pc-to-Pc Voice communication
      Works with any PC, using any modem, no server required, unlimited channel capacity
4.   Chat Room
      Text chat with other online users
5.   Whiteboard and Games
      Text chat, paint or play games with other online users
6.   Voice Emails   Java-enabled browsers
      Send an Email with Voice and Text (NO attachment!)
7.   Video Emails
      Send an Email with Video, Voice and Text (NO attachment!)
8.   Greeting Cards
      Send digital Postcards with Music, Voice, Text, Poem, Photo and Video
9.   Check Your Email
      Check here your POP3 email address
10.   Send Emails without any login
      Email anyone you want from wherever you are
11.   Suggest another tool
      Let us know if you want us to add another tool to this page
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