What is ETN and the ETN Card ?

What is ETN ?

  • ETN is since 1986 the worldwide association of Consolidators, Travel Agents, Discount Travel Agents, Bucket Shops, Coupon Brokers and Incoming/Receptive Tour Operators with member-agents in 144 Countries.
  • In 1988 the ETN Card was created by a group of European travel agents to avoid their customers had to pay full hotel rates after arriving on a discounted flight.
  • These days the public is very aware of the existence of discounted flights.
  • However, the same public has little awareness of the existence of discounted hotel rooms !
  • What does the ETN Card give you ?

  • The ETN Worldwide Travel Card gives you 25 to 50 percent discount from over 10.000 outlets, mostly Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals and Shops, in 185 countries.
  • Each Card is good for ONE discounted Room (Double or Single), Meal, Car Rental or Purchase, as many times as you want, for business or pleasure.

    Hotels worldwide....

  • Over 1500 European hotels participate in the ETN Discount Program.
  • More than 130 hotels in Europe give FREE ROOMS if you spend a minimum amount of money on selected hotel services like restaurant, bar, etc.
  • Outside Europe ETN has large numbers of participants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Cyprus, Egypt, Gulf States, India, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, USA and all over the Asian Far East.
  • ETN has over 900 hotels in the USA and almost half of them give 50% discount.
  • ETN has hotels in ALL classes. From Budget and Tourist Class to First Class and Deluxe.
  • Support from local agents

  • In addition, 250 ETN Agents worldwide also give local discounts on Accommodations, Excursions, Sightseeing and Transfers.
  • Many ETN Agents have arranged discounts in local bars, clubs, golf courses, etc. and issue a local ETN Directory.
  • ETN Agents Around The World are your reliable experts for local discounts, information and help.

    How and where to get discounts ?

  • Discounts are only available directly from the participating companies.
  • Hotel reservations and payments are made directly with the ETN hotels by using the ETN Hotel Reservation Form which you find on the ETN Internet Member Pages.
  • The ETN Directory is available on floppy disk and on Internet.
  • The ETN Worldwide Directory on Internet has over 2200 hotel photos and gives Full Address, Telephone, Fax, E-Mail, Internet http-address, Gross Rates, Discounts Given and Description of all participating outlets.
  • FREE Phone Cards and Discounted Phone Calls

  • ETN Card holders with an international credit card may apply FREE OF CHARGE for the ETN TeleCards and ETN's Callback Service.
  • The ETN TeleCards allow you to make (inter)national phone calls in 63 countries, often at discounted rates.
  • With ETN's Callback Service you may save up to 70% on your local phone company's regular rates for inter-continental phone calls from your office, home or mobile phone.
  • You receive a specified billing monthly. Calls will be charged to your credit card.

    Start saving money now....

  • The ETN Card and ETN Directory are sold for less than you save on 2 nights hotel.
  • Banks and independent ETN Card Sales Agents advertise in 80 countries for millions of dollars and in many languages to promote the unique ETN Card.
  • Expansion and new advantages for ETN Card holders will continue for a long time.
  • Within a few years, many millions of ETN Card holders will give ETN a bigger buying power than any tour operator or travel consortium in the World.
  • Be smart and join the people who always pay the lowest prices for hotel rooms and air tickets.
  • ETN Card Sales Agents have interesting commission schemes if your enthusiasm attracts new ETN Card holders.
  • The World's Largest Network of Hotels and Travel Agents is ready to Serve, Inform and Assist you in almost any country on Earth.
  • Last but not least....

  • ETN actively pursues the aims of a European Nation to achieve Universal Harmony, Peace, Prosperity and Justice for all, European and non-Europeans, at every possible opportunity.
  • ETN recognizes the need of all who are seeking 'Better Value For Money' and fills this need with The World's Premier Travel Card.
  • ETN sponsors the Miss World Pageant, drama competitions, TV programs and other events Around The World.
  • ETN received the Excellence Award for Travel & Tourism from the Government of India for saving precious foreign exchange, which is every country's strongest wealth and wish.
  • Carry your ETN Card with pride and confidence as you journey across the continents. Bring the message of a free and new born World wherever you go.

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