Privacy Policy

  1. If you submit a Fare Request to ETN, your request will be forwarded to 4 travel agents specialized in your destination.
    Each of these agents is allowed to use the information only ONCE to email you a Flight Quote for your specific request

  2. Your personal and private information will be treated very confidentially by ETN and its agents.

  3. ETN and its agents will NOT sell, rent, swap, barter, exchange, share or give away any information which you have given us on any Form of the ETN website, including your Email Address, Name, Address or Telephone Number

  4. ETN and its agents are in the travel business selling discounted flights and NOT in the business of trading personal and private information of our passengers!!

  5. If you find any ETN agents breaking ETN's privacy policy, please click here to email Mr.Ad Latjes, President of ETN.