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Takes a Screen Shot of your screen and saves it in .jpg format
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    This Screen Shot Taker doesn't contain any Adware or Spyware!
    ETN hates all Badware as much as you do!!
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    This program makes a Screen Shot of your computer screen 10 seconds after it's opened or activated
    IMPORTANT   This program requires that you have the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on your computer
    Click here to download the JVM if needed
  1. Open here a new browser Window
  2. Open in this new Window the webpage you want to save as Screen Shot
    This program doesn't make a Screen Shot of the whole page, so please scroll to the right location!
  3. Open the Screen Shot Taker here (150 Kb)
  4. When the Screen Shot Taker starts counting down mid-screen, switch back to the new Window
  5. Wait 7 seconds and close the new browser Window
    Use the small Window to Save your Screen Shot as .jpg file on your computer
  6. You can open this .jpg file in any image editing program
    Or go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint > File > Open
    Manual setup of the Screen Shot Taker on your computer
  1. Click here to download the jscreenshottaker.exe file (150 Kb)
  2. Open the jscreenshottaker.exe file or save it in any easy-to-remember directory you want, for example: C:\TEMP
  3. This simple program is not installed automatically
  4. Use our online File Transfer Program to upload your Screen Shot to any webserver
    How to start or remove the Screen Shot Taker?
  1. To start the Screen Shot Taker, please go to Start > Run > Browse
    Find the easy-to-remember directory where you saved jscreenshottaker.exe
    Select jscreenshottaker click on Open and click on OK
  2. To remove the Screen Shot Taker from your PC, please go to Start > Programs > Accessoires > Windows Explorer
    Find the easy-to-remember directory where you saved jscreenshottaker.exe
    Right-click on jscreenshottaker and click on Delete

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