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Remove Spyware and Adware from your computer!
    This Spyware Remover doesn't contain any Adware or Spyware!
    ETN hates all Badware as much as you do!!
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    Features of this program       Start setup here
  1. Proactive protection monitors your computer and stops spyware dead in it's tracks!
  2. Home Page Hijack Protection prevents spyware programs from changing your internet Home Page
  3. Runs at startup to provide continuous protection
  4. Scans Running Processes
  5. Scans the Windows Registry
  6. Scans Internet Cookies
  7. Logs scan results
  8. Schedule scans to keep your computer 100% free of spyware
  9. Auto-update feature allows your customers to download the newest spyware definitions directly from your website
  10. Creates a Windows System Restore point before deleting files (Win ME/XP only)
  11. Choose whether to keep or remove spyware that is found on your computer with one click
  12. Deleted files are quarantined in case you need to recover them
  13. Quarantine Log allows you to see exactly where quarantined files were previously located
  14. Status menu displays definition numbers, number of programs you are protected against, number of programs removed, and more!
    How to setup the ETN Spyware Remover?
    Automated setup
  1. Click here to download the s-p-y-w-a-r-ecomfull.msi file (4,49 Mb)
  2. Open the s-p-y-w-a-r-ecomfull.msi file or save it to any easy-to-remember directory you want, for example: C:\TEMP
  3. When the download is completed Open the file and follow the instructions
    The program will be installed automatically
    How to start or remove the ETN Spyware Remover?
  1. To start the ETN Spyware Remover, please go to Start > Programs > ETN Software > S-p-y-w-a-r-e.com_Full and click on S-p-y-w-a-r-e.com_Full
  2. For Help, please go to Start > Programs > ETN Software > S-p-y-w-a-r-e.com_Full and click on Readme-Help
  3. To remove the ETN Spyware Remover from your PC, please go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and find S-p-y-w-a-r-e.com_Full     Then click on Remove
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