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The Roger Wilco Voice Chat program is a small, basic program which allows you to talk from your online computer to any other computer on the Internet without any servers needed.   It's like a virtual walkie-talkie or intercom that lets you talk for FREE to friends as you are online and as long as you want.....
Works with any PC, using any modem, no server required, unlimited channel capacity.
You have downloaded this Voice Chat software already?
To start the Voice Chat program, click on Start > Programs > Roger Wilco > Roger Wilco
Alternative IP to IP voice communication program: Net Phone Pro   Download here (2 Mb)
Net Phone Pro has user friendly interface: Just Add user to users list, Double click user in users list, and Speak!
Both callers must have Net Phone Pro installed
    How does Roger Wilco Voice Chat work?

  1. Click here to download the FREE software (355 Kb)       Mac users click here (1.44 Mb)
    You only have to download it ONCE, the program remains on your computer.
    To UNINSTALL the program, click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs select Roger Wilco and click on Add/Remove
  2. When the installer is downloaded, double-click on it and the software should install in a simple and straightforward manner.
    If you cannot locate the file on your system after downloading it, right-click on My Computer in the upper left of your screen, select Find type rw_Win32_mk1c_mod1.exe into the text field labelled Named: and press enter.
    Your computer will find the file for you.
    Double-click on it to install the software.
  3. To start the Voice Chat program, click on Start > Programs > Roger Wilco > Roger Wilco
  4. The first time you use the program, you must configure it.
    Give your Name behind Callsign in the configuration.
    You can change your configuration by clicking on Adjust > Configure

    Create or Join a Voice Chat Channel
  5. Once configured, you can Create or Join a Voice Chat channel.
  6. To create a Voice Chat channel, click on Channel > Create and you will see your IP address behind Hosting on:
    Or click here to check your IP address.
    Also you see your Name (Callsign) in the list of chatters.
    Give now your hosting IP address to your Voice Chat guests via email, phone or your preferred Text Chat Room or Instant Messaging program.
  7. To join a Voice Chat channel, click on Channel > Join and enter the IP address you received from the Voice Chat host (the creator of the Voice Chat channel)
  8. Now you can talk by holding down the Transmit Key (default = F12) which you set in the configuration.
  9. This program doesn't need any central servers.
    Voice Chat channels can be left open as long as you want.

    Get rid of IP addresses changing every time you connect
  10. If you use this program on a regular basis, it's best to give your Voice Chat guests a fixed Internet hosting address which never changes. has a FREE service which gives you a fixed hosting address like for your ever changing IP address.
    After you signup with you can give to your chat guests.     Just make sure to login at every time you connect to the Internet.     To login you need yournamehere and the password which will email you after you have registered with them.     Be sure to bookmark the page which sends you

    System Requirements:
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP (with DirectX 3 or later), or NT4.0 SP3
  • 2 MB disk space
  • Pentium 166 MHz or faster (200 MHz recommended)
  • Internet connection or TCP/IP LAN
  • 28.8K network connection or better
  • A compatible, full-duplex soundcard
  • Microphone (headset model recommended)
  • PowerPC Macintosh (earlier models will not work)
  • Mac OS System 7.1 or later
  • 2 MB disk space
  • 2 MB free memory
  • Sound Manager 3.2 or higher
    If you don't have it, update Quicktime to get it
  • Appearance Manager 1.0.1 or higher
    Our installer will try to install this if it is not found
  • Internet connection or TCP/IP LAN
  • 28.8K network connection (or better)
  • Plaintalk Microphone (or a PC headset with an adapter)

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