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- Access the Google search engine right from the Toolbar, no matter what website you are visiting.
- Enter any of our Travel Channels directly from the Toolbar with a single click.
- Send email from the Toolbar with a single click, without any login....
- If we have an update on the Toolbar, you only have to do one click to get the improved version.
- Works with any Internet Explorer web browser!

The ETN Travel Toolbar is FREE OF CHARGE and has the following features:
Google Search Box
Office Tools Calendar, Calculator, Check Email, Send Email, News, Stock quotes, Translator, Voicemail, etc.
Travel Information Distances, Flight Trackers, Guides, Maps, Timetables, Tourist Info, Weather and more
Find Lowest Fares for Flights, Cruises, Car Rentals and Hotels

Automated setup of the ETN Travel Toolbar
  1. Click here to download the setup.exe file (744 Kb)
  2. Save the setup.exe file in any directory you want, for example: C:\TEMP
  3. When the download is completed please follow the instructions, and the Travel Toolbar will be installed.
  4. Now click in Internet Explorer on View > Toolbars > ETN Travel Toolbar to activate the Toolbar.
    Next time you open an Internet Explorer browser window, the toolbar will appear.
  5. You can disable the Toolbar by clicking again in Internet Explorer on View > Toolbars > ETN Travel Toolbar

      The same as you find in your Accessoires
      For the rest of your life
Call from your computer to any telephone worldwide
      Make future phone calls from this webpage at very competitive rates
Chat Rooms
      Both voice and text chats
Check Your Email
      Check here your POP3 email address
Instant Messenger
      Exchange instant messages with any ICQ, AOL, Yahoo or MSN user
      Headlines from Around the World
Send Music Postcards
      Digital Postcards with Music, Voice, Text, Poem, Photo and Video
Send Emails without any login
      Email anyone you want from wherever you are
Send Video Emails
      Send an Email with Text, Voice and Video
Send Voice Emails
      Send an Email with Text and Voice
Stock Quotes
      Up to 20 minutes delay
Talk PC to PC
      Works with any PC, using any modem, no server required, unlimited channel capacity
      Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Whiteboard and Games
      Make drawings or play chess or checkers with others over the Internet
Suggest another tool
      Let us know if you want us to add another tool to the Travel Toolbar
Airline Timetables
      Which airlines operate DIRECT flights between any 2 airports?
Airport Information
      Find the Website of any airport in the World
Airport Parkings
      Long-term parking at major US airports
City Guides
      Where to stay, eat, shop and what to see in major cities worldwide
Conversion Tables
      Convert the different units for Area, Length, Temperature, Volume and Weight
Currency Converter
      Convert any currency into any other currency at the latest exchange rates
Distances Worldwide
      Distances between major airports in the World as the crow flies
Driving Directions
      The best way to drive betweem any 2 US addresses
Embassies Worldwide
      Embassy details of all countries in all countries
Flight Trackers
      Track any commercial aircraft in flight TO and FROM the continental United States, Canada and U.K.
Low-Cost Airlines
      Check these low-fare airlines if you fly within the same country or continent
Maps Worldwide
      Maps of every major city in the World
Official Tourist Information
      Links to the Official Tourist websites of every country in the World
Public Holidays
      Public holidays and bank holidays in all countries
Subway Maps
      Maps of all subway systems in the World
Tourist Information
      Tourist information about every country in the World
Travel Insurance
      Compare and book the Travel Insurance Policies of the best Insurance Companies
Travel News
      Travel News from Around the World
Travel Warnings
      Travel warnings and information about crime, safety, traffic in all countries
Vaccinations Required
      Vaccinations required for every country in the World
Visa Information
      Visa and entry requirements for every country in the World for US citizens
Weather Worldwide
      Weather reports and weather forecasts for major cities worldwide
World Clock
      Get the exact (atomic) time in all countries worldwide
World Fact Book
      Many facts about every country in the World
FLIGHTS Free Fare Quotes
      Free Quotes from live travel agents specialized in your next destination
FLIGHTS Hottest Fare Deals
      Hottest deals from agents around the World
FLIGHTS Online Booking Engines
      Listing of the best booking engines in many countries
FLIGHTS Low-Cost Airlines
      Complete listing of all low-cost airlines worldwide
FLIGHTS Call live Travel Agents
      Often a live agent can help you better than an online engine!
FLIGHTS Internet-Only Fares
      Last minute fares offered by many carriers
FLIGHTS Last-Minute Phone Numbers
      Agents specialized in last-minute reservations
CAR RENTALS Reservations
      Compare the rates of major car rental companies in major cities worldwide
CRUISES Hottest Deals
      The very best deals from our Cruise agents
HOTELS Reservations
      Links to the best Hotel sites on the Internet
Airpasses City Guides Destination Info Embassies Maps Worldwide Visa Info
Airport Info Conversion Tables Distances Flight Trackers Subway Maps Weather
Airport Parkings Currency Converter Driving Directions Holidays Worldwide Vaccinations Required World Clock
Airline Timetables Travel Warnings Talk PC to PC Voice Chat Room Digital Postcards Voice Emails
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