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    This Toolbar doesn't contain any Adware or Spyware
    ETN hates all Badware as much as you do!!
Sample of ETN Toolbar

  1. Whenever you are asked for permission to download ActiveX, please click on Yes

  2. If your Internet Explorer Security Settings are too strict, you will not be able to download ActiveX plugins
    In that case you can go in Internet Explorer to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level and make sure all ActiveX controls and plug-ins options are at least set to Prompt

  3. Installation is fully completed after you opened the Confirmation page which opens in a new Window
    The Confirmation page will show the ETN Toolbar

  4. Some versions of Internet Explorer require that you activate the ETN Toolbar by clicking on the blue-yellow ETN icon in the heading of your browser

  5. If the Google search box doesn't start at the far left of your screen, you can drag the ETN Toolbar to the beginning of a new line
    Make sure that View > Toolbars > Lock the Toolbars is UNCHECKED

  6. If you want to UNINSTALL this Toolbar after installation, please click in the Toolbar on Uninstall

ETN Toolbar web-installer

Toolbar Installation. Step 1 of 2

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