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Publish your video movie file online   Free, fast and easy!
AVI, MPEG, QuickTime (Apple), WMV (Windows) or FLV (Flash)
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1.   How do I record a video movie?
1. Most webcams, digital cameras and camcorders allow you to record a movie in one of the following movie formats: AVI (.avi), MPEG (.mpg or .mpeg), QuickTime (.qt or .mov) or WMV (.wmv)
2. Here you find a simple program to record video with your webcam in .AVI format
Below you read how to convert movie files into .FLV files and how to publish .FLV files on the Internet
2.   How to convert an AVI, MPEG, QuickTime or WMV into a FLV video file?
1. Download Convert_movies_to_FLV.exe (4.73 Mb) and install it on your computer
2. When the program is installed, Run the program and follow the simple instructions to convert your video movie files into a FLV file
3. If you didn't change the default settings during installation, you can start the program on Start > Programs > Riva_MP3_to_FLV > Riva FLV Encoder
To remove the program, please go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Riva FLV Encoder > Click on Change/Remove
4. This program allows you to reduce the screen size and file size, which results in less time for your viewers to download and watch the movie
5. In addition, this program converts your video file into a FLV video file which makes your video file instantly streaming.   This means you no longer need a special 'streaming video' server!   Just follow the instructions below and upload your FLV video file to any regular webserver
3.   How to publish a FLV video file on your website?
1. Copy the following html code in any of your webpages:
2. Replace ENTER_YOUR_FLV_FILENAME_HERE with your own .flv file name (Example: myvideo.flv)
Make sure you replace ENTER_YOUR_FLV_FILENAME_HERE in TWO locations
3. Change the width and the height information in TWO locations to reflect your video size
IMPORTANT: Add 20 pixel to the HEIGHT otherwise the video control will be cut off.   (Example: 320 x 240 video should have the size 320 x 260)
5. Right-click on this link and select Save Target As, then save this movieplayer.swf Shockwave Flash Object (4.91 Kb) to your computer in the same folder as your FLV files
6. Upload (1) movieplayer.swf (binary file!), (2) your own .flv file (binary file!) and (3) the webpage with the html code to the same folder on your webserver
You can use this free, web-based File Transfer Program to upload your files
7. You can repeat this as often as you want.   Just make sure you upload movieplayer.swf to every folder where you upload a FLV file and webpage with the html code above
    Done! This is all     Even the family below could follow these instructions!
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