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Make cheap international calls over the Internet from EVERY home, office, mobile, hotel or pay phone
NO Internet connection needed, NO computer needed, NO software and NO hardware needed

Rates in US cents/minute:   Australia 2.4c Canada 2.7c China 2.2c U.K 2.2c USA 2.7c   Check all rates
WARNING: This is the most exclusive Calling Card in the World:
NO monthly fee, NO yearly fee, NO maintenance fee, NO minimum use, NO connection fee, NO minimum charge per call, NO charge for unanswered calls, NO quality difference, NO need to call from a computer, NO hidden fees     Just plain simple!
    Quick Start Guide
1. Order your Cardless Calling Card number and Calling Credit here   Payment by Paypal only
      You can choose your own Calling Card Number as long as it's still available

2. Call any access telephone number in these 40+ countries

      Local calls to these access numbers may be charged by the local phone company

3. When you hear a new (Internet) dial tone, enter your 12-digit Calling Card number
(chosen by yourself)
      Now you will hear the remaining calling credit in your account

4. Now dial the international landline or mobile phone number you wish to call anywhere in the World as follows:

      Calling North America: Dial 1 + 3-digit Area Code + 7-digit Number + # key
      Calling outside North America: Dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code without first 0 + Number + # key
      The # key after the number you wish to call is very important

    That's all.   In your online Control Panel you can check calls made incl.time, duration and costs of the calls
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