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Webpage where customers, family and friends can call you free of charge wherever you are!
1.   What is a Click-To-Call-Free webpage?
1. This is a webpage where customers, family and friends can call you free of charge wherever you are!
2. Callers visit your personal Click-To-Call-Free webpage, download a small (148Kb) ActiveX telephony program and click on the Dial button
    Within 20 seconds your home, office, mobile or Internet-connected phone will ring, regardless your location
3. Callers never pay anything to call you from your Click-To-Call-Free webpage
4. You can receive calls on any home, office, mobile phone worldwide (these call-forwarding rates apply), on the webpage (NO charge to you), on a computer with softphone (NO charge to you), on a regular (cordless) phone connected to the Internet thru a voice adapter (NO charge to you) or on a Wireless Internet Telephone whenever you are in a WiFi hotspot (NO charge to you)
2.   How do I receive calls from my Click-To-Call-Free webpage?
1. Please click here to read all possibilities how to receive your incoming calls
2. Calls can be forwarded, sequentially or simultaneously, to one or more telephone numbers
3.   What do callers need to call me from my webpage?
1. In order to be able to call you, your callers need a computer with
    A. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or later
    B. Internet Explorer with ActiveX and Javascript enabled
        Firefox and Mozilla browsers don't allow ActiveX downloads
    C. Download of a small ActiveX telephony program (148Kb)
    D. Soundcard with headset (preferred) -OR- speakers plus microphone
    E. Internet connection with a minimum of 128 Kbps bandwidth
4.   How does my Click-To-Call-Free webpage look?
1. You can see working examples of these pages in black, blue, green and red
2. Please make test calls only between 10am and 6pm Eastern Time USA (14.00 - 22.00 GMT)
5.   How does this work?
1. Whenever a caller clicks on the 'Dial' button of your personal Click-To-Call-Free webpage, our server connects to your 7-digit etnVoip Number which is included in your Click-To-Call-Free webpage
2. In your online Control Panel you can manage where calls to your etnVoip Number will be forwarded
3. Calls can be forwarded, sequentially or simultaneously, to one or more phone or etnVoip numbers
    You can give alternative numbers when one or more of these numbers is unanswered or busy
4. When incoming calls are forwarded simultaneously to two or more phone numbers, the first person who picks up the phone is connected to the caller
    This is a great feature for businesses who have service people in different timezones or continents and who want to give their customers 24/7 service
5. When all numbers are unanswered, callers can leave a voice message for you which you receive as email attachment and which you can listen to in your online control panel
6. Everything works like a Find Me - Follow Me system
    For callers it's impossible to know where in the World you pick up their call
7. Calls made, answered and unanswered, can be viewed in the online control panel
8. You can see each other while talking on
6.   How much does it cost and where do I order it?
1. The price of your personal Click-To-Call-Free webpage is free of charge if you purchase $5 never-expiring Calling Credit
2. Calling Credit can be used to forward incoming calls to your regular home, office or mobile phone, and to make cheap calls over the Internet
3. Calling Credit can always be ordered later in units of 25 US dollars
4. You can order your personal Click-To-Call-Free webpage on this webpage
7.   How to publish your Click-To-Call-Free webpage address?
1. Copy the first 3 lines wherever you want on your website:
2. Copy the first 2 lines in your outgoing email signatures:
3. Tip On you can register a personal domain from $5 per year
    which you can forward to your personal Click-To-Call-Free webpage (Example:
    This way you can give your customers, family and friends an easy-to-remember web address where they can call you
8.   Other features of your etnVoip Number
1. Make phone calls from a webpage, from your computer with softphone, from your regular telephone with voice adapter or thru one of the access numbers on
2. Receive phone calls from, thru our gateway number 1-305-728 6300 in Miami, USA, on your computer with softphone, on your regular telephone with voice adapter or thru one of the access numbers on this page
3. For a full list of features, please click here
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