These Buspasses are CANCELLED effective 15March2001

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European Buspass:
30 days UNLIMITED travel from $239
  1. European Buspass Fares in US$
  2. Routings where European Buspass is valid
  3. Timetable Information
  4. More Information
  5. Order Form for European Buspass

European Buspass Fares in US$
Click on the US$ fare to convert into your own currency.

30 days valid
Youth thru 25 years
Seniors 60+
30 days valid
26 thru 59 years
60 days valid
Youth thru 25 years
Seniors 60+
60 days valid
26 thru 59 years
$239 Low
$289 Low
$319 Shoulder
$409 High
$289 Low
$319 Shoulder
$379 High
$359 Low
$399 Shoulder
$479 High

LOW Season = If FIRST day of travel in November through March
SHOULDER Season = If FIRST day of travel in April-May-Sept-Oct
HIGH Season = If FIRST day of travel in June-July-August

Routings where Buspass is valid
Although the bus network covers
all Europe, the European Buspass is only valid for unlimited travel between the following cities:
  1. ANDORRA: Andorra
  2. AUSTRIA: Vienna
  3. BELGIUM: Brussels
  4. BULGARIA: Sofia
  6. DENMARK: Aalborg, Copenhagen
  7. ESTONIA: Tallinn
  8. FRANCE: Avignon, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpelier,
    FRANCE: Nantes, Paris, Perpignan, Strassbourg, Toulouse, Tours
  9. GERMANY: Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich
  10. HOLLAND: Amsterdam
  11. HUNGARY: Budapest
  12. IRELAND: Cork, Dublin
  13. ITALY: Florence, Milano, Rome, Venice
  14. LATVIA: Riga
  15. POLAND: Krakow, Warsaw
  16. ROMANIA: Bucharest
  17. SLOVAKIA: Bratislava
  18. SPAIN: Barcelona, Madrid
  19. SWEDEN: Goteborg, Stockholm
  20. SWITZERLAND: Basel, Zurich
  21. UNITED KINGDOM: Edinburgh, Glasgow, London

Timetable Information

More Information
  1. Frequency
    Daily departures on many services, some up to 4 times a day.
    You find the complete timetable information on this page.
  2. Convenient departure and arrival points
    Centrally located departure and arrival points for ease of access.
  3. When and where ?
    When, where and in which direction you travel is entirely up to you.
    Buy the Pass, then book as you go.
  4. Also for European residents
    The Pass is NOT limited to non-European residents.
    It can be used by travellers of all nationalities.
  5. Travel with comfort
    Comfortable modern coaches with reclining seats, picture windows and on-board washroom facilities.
  6. All-inclusive
    Road tolls, travel taxes and where appropiate, sea crossings, are all included in the fares.
  7. When to order ?
    ETN must receive your order at least 14 days before your first day of travel.
    You CANNOT pick up the Pass at your first departure point.
  8. Strictly personal
    Each Pass is strictly personal, not transferable, and carries the passport number of the Pass holder, which will be checked upon boarding the bus.
  9. All bus services are NON-smoking

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