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USA 08201          ABSECON,New Jersey 539 ABSECON BOULEVARD 
.HOWARD JOHNSON EXECUTIV Tel.(1)609-641 7272       Fax (1)609-646 3286
Toll-Free: 1-800-233 4656  E-Mail: 16096463286@faxaway.com   Make Reservation
50% DISCOUNT on $89 (Single: $79)                 FIRST CLASS * 205 Rooms
25MAY-6SEP: 25% on $125 (Single: $99)   Saturdays, N.Year Eve: 0% OFF
50-Seat restaurant with American cuisine (open: 7-14 h.& 17-21 h.)
Lounge. Moderately priced breakfast, lunch & dinner with specials daily.
Internet: Howard Johnson Home Page

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