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GREECE 10557  #    ATHENS             Corner 43 NIKIS & 3 KYDATHINAEON St 
INTERTRUST TRAVEL        Tel.(30)1-32 34910/42104  Fax (30)1-324 1976
E-Mail: athtrust@compulink.gr
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40% DISCOUNT on One-Way Air Fares.  20% DISCOUNT on Local Tours.
15% DISCOUNT on Island Cruises.  Bargain Round-The-World Fares.
Reduced hotel rates all around Greece.  Individual and Group Handling
for Tours.  Tours to Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Ethiopia and Turkey.
All kinds of Accommodation in Greek Mainland and Greek Islands.
Congress, Seminars, Convention Arrangements and Special packages.

GREECE 10682       ATHENS             10 ALEXANDRAS AVENUE 
.PARK HOTEL              Tel.(30)1-883 2811        Fax (30)1-823 8420
E-Mail: park@istos.net.gr   Make Reservation
25% DISCOUNT on GRD 34500-37900 (Single: 25500-28000)  DELUXE * 143 Rooms
APR-OCT: 25% on GRD 45000 (Single: GRD 35000).  INCL>Breakfast
Opposite the central park, closeby the Archeological Museum.
Panoramic view of Acropolis.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
Internet: http://www.istos.net/park-hotel/

GREECE 11742       ATHENS             19-25 PARTHENONOS STREET 
.DIVANI PALACE HOTEL     Tel.(30)1-922 2945        Fax (30)1-921 4993
50% DISCOUNT on GRD 37070 (APR-OCT: 25% on GRD 46400)  DELUXE * 260 Rooms
Hotel Divani Palace Acropolis. Acropolis area. 3 Restaurants,bar,pool.

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