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INDIA 390 005      BARODA,Gujarat     Opp.PARSI AGIARI, SAYAJI GUNJ 
.HOTEL SURYA PALACE      Tel.(91)265-330 011/09    Fax (91)265-333 888
25% DISCOUNT on 800-1000 Rupees (Single: 600-800 Rs.)  TOURIST * 88 Rooms
Banquets, conventions, coffee shop, health club.  80-Seat restaurant with
Indian, Italian, French, Chinese, Thai & Korean cuisine (open: 7-23 h.)
Business centre.

INDIA 390 005      BARODA,Gujarat     R.C.DUTT ROAD, ALKAPURI 
HOTEL SAVSHANTI          Tel.(91)265-328 808       Fax CABLE: SAVSHANTI
15% DISCOUNT on 300-400 Rupees. 10% on Food.           TOURIST * 48 Rooms
3-Star comforts at economical price.

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