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CHINA 100 005      BEIJING            9 JIANGUO-MENNEI DAJIE 
BEIJING Intern.HOTEL     Tel.(86)1-512 6688        Fax (86)1-512 9961
30% DISCOUNT on US$ 120-160 (Single: US$ 110-160)     4-Star * 1049 Rooms
SEP-OCT: 20% DISCOUNT on US$ 140-180 (Single: US$ 130-180)
Centrally located, near Tian An Men Square.  Modern facilities.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

CHINA 100 006      BEIJING            48 WANGFUJING Ave, DENG SHI XI KOU 
HOLIDAY INN CROWNE Pl.   Tel.(86)1-513 3388        Fax (86)1-513 2513/2515
25% DISCOUNT on US$ 120-145                            DELUXE * 385 Rooms
City centre, 2.5 km to Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City.
Special Art Feature - Art Salon / Art Gallery / Karaoke
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.
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Internet: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotels Home Page

CHINA 100 006      BEIJING            35 EAST CHANG AN AVENUE 
GRAND HOTEL BEIJING      Tel.(86)1-513 0062/7788   Fax (86)1-513 0048/0049
15% DISCOUNT on US$ 220-230 (MAR-NOV: US$ 260-270)     DELUXE * 218 Rooms
Once an Imperial Palace, now a luxury hotel. 5 Min.walk to Forbidden City
and Tian An Men Square.  Pool, fitness centre, beauty saloon, shopping.

CHINA 100 011  *   BEIJING            WHITE PEACOCK ART WORLD,East B.Fl.5 
CHINA CIRCULATE I.T.S.   Tel.(86)1-6202 7788       Fax (86)1-6228 1753
E-Mail: dhtravel@public3.bta.net.cn
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This agency has the ICQ program:  Check its Online/Offline status
Tour arrangements for groups and individuals all over China.
Hotel reservations all over China (one-star and up).
Internet: http://www.china-times.com/ccits/ccits.htm

CHINA 100 016      BEIJING            8 JIANG TAI WEST Rd,CHAO YANG Distr 
BEIJING GRACE HOTEL      Tel.(86)1-436 2288        Fax (86)1-436 1818
30% on US$ 50-70 ($70-100 in HIGH SEASON,Request) FIRST CLASS * 479 Rooms
Surrounded by greenery in Beijing's northeastern quarter.  Close to the
China International Exhibition Centre.  15 Min.to Tian An Men Square and
Forbidden City.  7 Restaurants, business centre. Satellite TV.

JIANGUO HOTEL            Tel.(86)1-500 2233        Fax (86)1-50 02871/10539
25% DISCOUNT on US$ 170-190 (25AUG-25SEP: 0%)          DELUXE * 531 Rooms
Located on Jianuomen Wai Avenue, near the diplomatic area, in the heart
of Beijing business district.  20 Min.to airport, 10 min.to Tian An Men
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

CHINA 100 037      BEIJING            98 BEILISHILU, XICHENGQU 
HOLIDAY INN DOWNTOWN     Tel.(86)1-832 2288        Fax (86)1-832 0696
20% DISCOUNT on US$ 95 (Single: $85)              FIRST CLASS * 347 Rooms
The ideal starting point for your exploration of the Chinese capital.
At the end of a busy day: the Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing.
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CHINA 100 101  *   BEIJING            131 NORTH 4th RING EAST ROAD 
TIBET TRAVEL SERVICE     Tel.(86)1-6493 7949       Fax (86)1-6493 7903
E-Mail: tibet@mail.netchina.com.cn
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Incoming Tour Operator for Tibet and China.
Tours within and to Tibet.  Also tours to other cities in China.
Tibet Address: 182 Beijing Zhonglu, Lhasa, CHINA 850 001
Tel.(86)891-68 29222/39625  Fax (86)891-682 9222

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