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BRAZIL 66000       BELEM,PA           Ave.JULIO CESAR 1777 
VILA RICA BELEM          Tel.(55)91-233 4222       Fax (55)11-869 5675
30% DISCOUNT on US$ 73 (Single: US$ 59)           FIRST CLASS * 108 Rooms
Surrounded by 120.000 square meters of parkland and tropical gardens.
Pool, volley ball, soccer, tennis, fishing pond, parking.  Meeting rooms
with complete audio equipment.
For Reservations: Tel.(55)11-268 0144, Fax (55)11-869 5675

BRAZIL 66053-000   BELEM,PA           Ave.VISCONDE DE SOUZA FRANCO 1185 
REDE BRASIL RENT-A-CAR   Tel.(55)91-241 0011       Fax (55)91-241 0011
Toll-Free: 0800-155 955
50% DISCOUNT on Normal Rates, 10% DISCOUNT on Promotional Rates
More offices in Belo Horizonte, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Goiania, Mucuri,
Porto Seguro, Recife, Sao Paulo, Teixeira de Freitas and Vitoria.
Open: 8-20 h.(Saturdays: 8-13 h.,Sundays & Holidays: CLOSED)

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