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INDIA 462 001      BHOPAL,Madhya Pra. HAMIDIA ROAD 
HOTEL RAMSONS Intern.    Tel.(91)775-535 298/299   Fax (91)755-534 898
25% DISCOUNT on 440 Rupees (Single: 350 Rupees)        TOURIST * 20 Rooms
Reservations through Bombay Reservations Office: Tel.022 - 202 1065/0127
Centrally located.

INDIA 462 013      BHOPAL,Madhya Pra. SHAMLA HILL 
JEHAN NUMA PALACE        Tel.(91)755-540 100       Fax (91)755-540 720
10% DISCOUNT on 460-1438 Rupees                        TOURIST * 60 Rooms
Hotel with a touch of class. Classified as Heritage Hotel.

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