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USA 13901-3199     BINGHAMTON,N.York  2-8 HAWLEY STREET 
.HOLIDAY INN ARENA       Tel.(1)607-722 1212       Fax (1)607-722 6063
50% DISCOUNT on $75-85 (Blackout: 14-16MAY,29-31OCT)    FIRST * 248 Rooms
Full service,deluxe accommodations. Downtown property.
Internet: Holiday Inns Home Page

USA 13904          BINGHAMTON,N.York  P.O.BOX 196 ESS,UPPER COURT Str.Rt1 
.ECONO LODGE             Tel.(1)607-775 3443       Fax (1)607-775 2368
50% DISCOUNT on $70 (Single: $60)              BUDGET/TOURIST * 104 Rooms
JUL-OCT: $80 (Single: $70)
Outdoor Pool - Live Entertainment - Weekend.  Close to Boutiques, Shops,
Theatres, Business & Government Offices.   Great value for your money.
Full service restaurant and lounge.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:

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