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SLOVENIA 4260      BLED               LJUBLJANSKA CESTA 6 
HOTEL LOVEC BLED         Tel.(386)64-776 92        Fax (386)64-760 21
20% DISCOUNT on DM 26-56 p.p.                                    69 Rooms
Bled: one of the most famous and luxurious summer and winter resorts in
Slovenia.  Nearby the mountain lake.  Skiing, skating, surfing, swimming.

SLOVENIA 4260      BLED               P.O.BOX 78, C.SVOBODE 8 
.HOTEL JELOVICA BLED     Tel.(386)64-7960          Fax (386)64-741 550
25% DISCOUNT on DM 35-45 p.p.(Single: DM 50-60 p.p.)            146 Rooms
20JUL-15SEP: DM 55-65 p.p. (Single: DM 70-80 p.p.)
Modern, comfortable hotel by the mountain lake.  Rooms with balcony.
See here 1 Photo of this property.

SLOVENIA 4260      BLED               IZLETNISKA 44 
HOTEL RIBNO              Tel.(386)64-786 61        Fax (386)64-781 84
20% DISCOUNT on DM 52 p.p.                                       63 Rooms
2 Km.to Bled, 36 km.to Brnik Airport, 8 km.to Zatrnik.  Ski center.
A-la-carte restaurant.  Tennis, swimming.

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