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GERMANY 53111      BONN               OXFORDSTR.12-16 
HOTEL CONSUL             Tel.(49)228-729 20        Fax (49)228-729 2250
20% DISCOUNT on DM 220 (Single: DM 158)            FIRST CLASS * 92 Rooms
The Hotel with Personal Service for the Demanding Business Traveller.

GERMANY 53119      BONN               VORGEBIRGSSTR.56 
.KAISER KARL HOTEL       Tel.(49)228-650 933       Fax (49)228-637 899
20% DISCOUNT on DM 270 (Single: DM 230)                 DELUXE * 45 Rooms
15JAN-30JUN, 1SEP-15DEC: DM 360 (Single: DM 270).       Very charming,
traditional hotel. Antique furnitures, bar, restaurant, summer garden.

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