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BRAZIL 88330-000   CAMBORIU,S.C.      Ave.BRASIL 571 
.CAMBORIO PALACE         Tel.(55)473-670 144       Fax (55)473-670 144
35% DISCOUNT on US$ 63 (Single: US$ 48)               TOURIST * 100 Rooms
21DEC-5MAR, Carnival: 10% DISCOUNT.
Located in the center, very short distance to the beach.  First class
service, inside pool, convention facilities.

BRAZIL 88340-000   CAMBORIU,S.C.      Ave.ATLANTICA 4770 
.HOTEL FISCHER           Tel.(55)473-670 177       Fax (55)473-670 177
40% DISCOUNT on US$ 77 (Single: US$ 69)               TOURIST * 125 Rooms
12DEC-1MAR, Carnival: 10% DISCOUNT
3-Star hotel with 4-star accommodation and facilities next to the beach.
Safe parking and service on the beach.

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