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USA 02646          CAPE COD,Mass.     212 ROUTE 28, HARWICH WEST 
.WISHING WELL MOTEL      Tel.(1)508-432 2150       Fax
50% DISCOUNT on $60-70 (1JUL-15SEP: 0% DISCOUNT)        BUDGET * 20 Rooms
Clean, comfortable rooms at reasonable rates. Great central location for
touring the whole Cape. Economical Cape Cod vacation. Walk to beach.
Outdoor pool, picnic area, barbecue.  Friges, kitchens, micros.

USA 02646          CAPE COD,Mass.     24 PILGRIM ROAD 
.DUNSCROFT BY-THE-SEA    Tel.(1)508-432 0810       Fax
50% DISCOUNT on $140-190 (15MAY-15OCT: Request)         TOURIST * 8 Rooms
Private beach, elegant, romantic. Incl.Full Breakfast. All private baths.
2 Nights Minimum Stay Weekends.  Honeymoon cottage.

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