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VENEZUELA          CARACAS            P.O.BOX 50577, CHACAITO 
HERTZ RENT-A-CAR         Tel.(58)2-952 5511/1695   Fax (58)2-952 1846
30% DISCOUNT on Basic Rate (Charge Rent plus Kilometer)
15% DISCOUNT on Special Rate (Charge Rent with 150 Free Kilometers)
45 Offices all over Venezuela.

VENEZUELA  *       CARACAS            P.O.BOX 60627,SABAA GRANDE-Chacaito 
.TURVEN TROPICAL TRAVEL  Tel.(58)2-952 6961/7081   Fax (58)2-951 1176
E-Mail: turven@caracas.c-com.net
10% DISCOUNT in any of the following First Class Hotels:
Hotel Tamarindo (163 Rooms), Playa Guacuco, Margarita Island
Hotel Tamarindo (182 Rooms), Punta Palma, Puerto de La Cruz
El Cedral Lodge, 'The Llanos' (25 Rooms).
We do have some other lodges where we can give 10% discount.
Internet: http://www.euribia.it/host/turven

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