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SLOVENIA 3000      CELJE              KREVOV TRG 4 
.HOTEL EVROPA            Tel.(386)63-443 400       Fax (386)63-443 434
25% DISCOUNT on DM 100 (Single: DM 70)                 TOURIST * 64 Rooms
Centrally situated 3-star hotel in Slovenia.  Modern, comfortable hotel.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
1-2-7-9(70 seats)-15-18-22-24-27-30(140 seats)-31-32

SLOVENIA 3000      CELJE              PODJAVORSKOVA 1 
.OPTICS VESENJAK         Tel.(386)63-411 942       Fax
25% DISCOUNT on correctiv glasses, sunglasses and on oculistic

SLOVENIA 3000      CELJE              MARIBORSKA 202 
GARAGE STIGMA 93         Tel.(386)63-411 252       Fax
25% DISCOUNT on Maserati spare parts, 5% DISCOUNT on Mazda spare parts.
FREE radio on every car purchase.

SLOVENIA 3000      CELJE              LJUBLJANSKA 33 
DANCE STUDIO CELJE       Tel.(386)63-453 440       Fax (386)63-453 440
25% DISCOUNT on Fees, Participation and specially arranged performances.

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