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EXCELSIOR HOTEL          Tel.(852)28 94 88 88      Fax (852)25 04 35 72
30% on HK$ 2200-2400 (MAR-MAY & SEP-NOV: 20%, 26MAR-1APR: 0%)   875 Rooms
With spectacular harbour views, The Excelsior, is located in Causeway Bay
Hong Kong's premier shopping and entertainment district. The Excelsior
staff will spare no effort to make your stay a pleasure.
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

HONG KONG  #       CENTRAL            Room 603,CHEUNGS Bldg. 1-3 WING LOK 
AERO INTERNATIONAL Ltd.  Tel.(852)25 43 38 00      Fax (852)28 54 00 79
E-Mail: aero@aerohkg.com
Click here to send an Information or Fare Request
Low-Cost Ticket Supplier.
Internet: http://www.aerohkg.com

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