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INDIA 160 010      CHANDIGARH,Union T SECTOR 10 
HOTEL MOUNTVIEW          Tel.(91)172-417 73 /45882 Fax (91)172-421 11
10% DISCOUNT on 800 Rupees                             TOURIST * 69 Rooms
Against the backdrop of the Shivalikviews, surrounded by lush green lawns
The hotel is located in an exclusive and pleasant environment.

INDIA 160 026      CHANDIGARH,Union T MADHYA MARG, Sector 26 
PRESIDENT HOTEL          Tel.(91)172-408 40        Fax
10% DISCOUNT on 500-700 Rupees                         TOURIST * 30 Rooms
Value For Money Hotel.
Reservations through GREEN FLAG Inns, New Delhi: See INDIA 110 066

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