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USA 37408          CHATTANOOGA,Tenn.  100 WEST 21st STREET 
.HOWARD JOHNSON          Tel.(1)615-265 3151       Fax (1)615-265 3532
Toll-Free: 1-800-828 4656
50% on $90 (Single: $80; MAR-OCT: 25% DISCOUNT)       TOURIST * 103 Rooms
Chattanooga's best location. Beautiful large rooms, free HBO.  Lounge,
restaurant.  I-24 Exit 178, Lookout Mountain.  Close to major attractions
Outdoor pool, free parking.
Internet: Howard Johnson Home Page

USA 37412          CHATTANOOGA,Tenn.  6639 CAPEHART LANE 
.RAMADA INN SOUTH        Tel.(1)615-894 6110       Fax (1)615-894 6110 Ex262
50% DISCOUNT on $38-68 (APR-SEP: $44-74)                        145 Rooms
Garden Room Restaurant. Jogging Track. Fishing & Picnic Area on property.
Internet: Ramada Hotels Home Page

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