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USA 43220  #       COLUMBUS,Ohio      5151 REED ROAD, Suite 224-C 
VICTORIA TRAVEL & TOURS  Tel.(1)614-451 5783       Fax (1)614-457 3316
Toll-Free: 1-800-816 4888  E-Mail: meibe@victoria-travel.com
Low-Cost Ticket Supplier, specialized in flights from the USA to
Africa, South America and Middle East.
Internet: http://www.victoria-travel.com

USA 43229          COLUMBUS,Ohio      1000 EAST DUBLIN-GRANVILLE ROAD 
.HARLEY HOTEL            Tel.(1)614-888 4300       Fax (1)614-888 3477
50% DISCOUNT on $96-106 (Single: $48-59)               DELUXE * 150 Rooms
Resort type hotel. Restaurant, pool, tennis,putting green,sauna,whirlpool
15 Min.to airport/downtown.  Adjacent to shopping, entertainment and

.HOWARD JOHNSON HOTEL    Tel.(1)614-885 4484       Fax (1)614-8854484 Ext283
50% DISCOUNT on $64 (Single: $54)                     TOURIST * 128 Rooms
Two storey motor lodge.  10 Miles to airport.  Restaurant, indoor pool.
Mini-refrigerator & hair dryer in each room.
Internet: Howard Johnson Home Page

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