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FRANCE 35800       DINARD,Brittany    Blvd.DE LA HOULE, ST.BRIAC-SUR-MER 
.GOLF HOTEL              Tel.(33)2-99 88 30 30     Fax (33)2-99 88 07 87
50% DISCOUNT on FRF 350 (Single: FRF 290)              TOURIST * 40 Rooms
15JUN-15SEP: 20% DISCOUNT on FRF 400 (Single: FRF 350)
Located near two seaside resorts, Dinard (7 km) and St.Malo.  200 Metres
from the Dinard Golf Course: 18 holes over 5053 metres.  Spacious rooms
with bathroom, balcony, satellite TV, phone.  Bar, snooker room.
Enjoy the silence of the seaside, 500 meters from the hotel.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:

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