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FRANCE 81700       GARREVAQUES        Near TOULOUSE, 5 Km.de REVEL 
.CHATEAU DE GARREVAQUES  Tel.(33)5-63 75 04 54     Fax (33)5-63 70 26 44
20% DISCOUNT on FRF 650 (Single: FRF 500)               DELUXE * 10 Rooms
JUN-SEP: FRF 650 (Single: FRF 500).
Bed and Breakfast welcome by the 16th generation living in this Chateau.
Pool, tennis, billard.  50 Km.to Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne.
Private Chateau (Castle), built in the 15th century.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
1(max.400 pers.)-5-15-16-17(nearby)-25-38-39-40
See here 1 Photo of this property.

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