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BELGIUM 8470       GISTEL             STATIONSSTRAAT 9 
.HOTEL TEN PUTTE         Tel.(32)59-277 044        Fax (32)59-279 250
E-Mail: panckoucke@icon.be   Make Reservation
25% DISCOUNT on BEF 3000 (Single: BEF 2000)            TOURIST * 11 Rooms
FREE ROOM if min.BEF 1900 p.p. spent on Dinner and Bar.
Family hotel with large banqueting facilities (700 persons)
Near Brugge and the North Sea.
15% DISCOUNT on Food Only.                      Open: 09-22 h.* 700 Seats
Tuesdays closed.  French cuisine.  Main Dish: BEF 500-900
Internet: http://www.icon.be/tenputte

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