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SPAIN 18009        GRANADA            PENA PARTIDA 2-4 
.HOTEL ALHAMBRA PALACE   Tel.(34)58-221 468        Fax (34)58-226 404
20% DISCOUNT on ESB 19000 (Single: ESB 15000)          4-Star * 144 Rooms
Arab style, near the famous Moorish palace of the 'Alhambra'.
All rooms have safe, TV, phone, airco.  View over Granada.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:

SPAIN 18010        GRANADA            PLAZA DEL TRIUNFO 19 
.TRIUNFO GRANADA         Tel.(34)58-207 444/673    Fax (34)58-279 017
25% DISCOUNT on ESB 12120-17760                    FIRST CLASS * 40 Rooms
We offer you very good comfort, either for business or pleasure

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