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MEXICO 44190       GUADALAJARA,Jal.   Ave.NINOS HEROES & Ave.16 de SEPT. 
.HOTEL CARLTON           Tel.(52)3-614 7272        Fax (52)3-613 5539
50% DISCOUNT on US$ 80 (Single: US$ 66)           FIRST CLASS * 200 Rooms
Elegant 20-floor building.  Spacious and Comfortable Rooms Mexican style.
100-Seat restaurant with Mexican & Continental cuisine (open: 7-23 h.)
Surrounded by beautiful gardens.  Executive floor.
This outlet has the following Hotel Facilities:

MEXICO 45050       GUADALAJARA,Jal.   P.O.BOX 3214, Ave.LOPEZ MATEOS 2500 
.HOLIDAY INN CROWNE Pl.  Tel.(52)3-63 41034/40650  Fax (52)3-63 19393/49464
Toll-Free: 1-800-HOLIDAY
50% on US$ 110-120 (SEP-DEC: 30% on US$ 120-130)       DELUXE * 288 Rooms
The hotel offers a combination of comforts in this destination.
Close to the largest shopping mall in Guadalajara.
10% DISCOUNT on Food & Drinks    Open: 24 hours * FIRST CLASS * 146 Seats
Mexican and International cuisine.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
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