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USA 90028          HOLLYWOOD,Calif.   6772 HAWTHORN AVENUE 
.HOLLYWOOD HILLS HOSTEL  Tel.(1)213-850 7733       Fax (1)213-462 3777
10% DISCOUNT on $45-55 (Single: $35-45)             LOW BUDGET * 20 Rooms
MAY-SEP: $60-75 (Single: $45-55). Dormitory: $16 p.p. INCL.Cont.Breakfast
25% DISCOUNT on Food Only (Self service)         Open: 18-20 h.* 15 Seats
International cuisine.  Minutes from local attractions.  FREE pick-up.
Very comfortable place between Hollywood & Sunset Blvds. FREE coffee/tea.

USA 90029          HOLLYWOOD,Calif.   1160 NORTH VERMONT AVENUE 
.RAMADA LIMITED HOTEL    Tel.(1)213-660 1788       Fax (1)213-660 8069
Toll-Free: 1-800-800 9733
50% DISCOUNT on $89-99                                TOURIST * 128 Rooms
JUN-SEP: $99-109
Newly renovated contemporary Ramada Hotel.  Centrally located to famous
Hollywood attractions such as Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame,
Chinese Mann Theater and many others.  Outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna,
coffee shop, restaurant, free parking.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
Internet: http://www.travelweb.com/thisco/ramadalt/02954/02954_b.html
Internet: Ramada Hotels Home Page

BANANA BUNGALOW HOSTEL   Tel.(1)213-851 1129/6236  Fax (1)213-851 2022
Toll-Free: 1-800-4 HOSTEL  E-Mail: hwres@bananabungalow.com   Make Reservation
NET/NET Rates: Shared Accommodation from $15 p.p.   LOW BUDGET * 250 Beds
Double Rooms: $45.   Pool, restaurant, games. Truly international hostel.
Free airport pickup. Free transportation to Disneyland, Venice Beach and
Universal Studios.
See here 1 Photo of this property.
Internet: http://www.bananabungalow.com

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