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USA 35758          HUNTSVILLE,Alabama P.O.BOX 520,  8721 HIGHWAY 20 WEST 
.HOWARD JOHNSON Park Sq. Tel.(1)205-772 8855       Fax (1)205-464 0783
Toll-Free: 1-800-882 3067
50% on $68-73 (MAY-OCT: $70-75; 7-12MAY: 0%)      FIRST CLASS * 140 Rooms
Beautiful Brick Courtyard hotel.  Offer patios, terraces, full service
Restaurant/Lounge, Exercise Room, cable TV, HBO.
Cities Beautification Award.
Internet: Howard Johnson Home Page

.DAYS INN SPACE CENTRE N Tel.(1)205-536 7441       Fax (1)205-5367441 Ext257
50% DISCOUNT on $60 (Single: $55)                      TOURIST * 96 Rooms
Complimentary Continental Breakfast. 36 Channel Cable-TV with Showtime.
Nearby all attractions.
Internet: Days Inns Home Page

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