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SPAIN 07800        IBIZA,Balearic Isl P.O.BOX 996, CALLE PEDRO FRANCES 27 
ROYAL PLAZA HOTEL        Tel.(34)71-310 000        Fax (34)71-314 095
E-Mail: royal@xpress.es   Make Reservation
25% DISCOUNT on ESB 12300 (Single: ESB 8200)      FIRST CLASS * 117 Rooms
19JUL-31AUG: ESB 21350 (Single: ESB 14600)
Ideal hotel for holidays, weekends or business trips, in a distinct
comfort and service atmosphere.  Near the harbour & shopping area.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.
Internet: http://www.xpress.es/ibizanet/royal/

SPAIN 07800        IBIZA,Balearic Isl PLAYA D'EN BOSSA 
FIESTA HOTEL ALGARB      Tel.(34)71-301 716        Fax (34)71-301 904
50% DISCOUNT on ESB 9940 (Single: ESB 6140)           TOURIST * 408 Rooms
JUL-SEP: ESB 12595 (Single: ESB 6970)

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