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AUSTRIA 6080       IGLS,Tirol         LANSERSTRASSE 12 
HOTEL BATZENHAUSL        Tel.(43)512-386 18        Fax (43)512-386 187
25% on ATS 1100-1500 (Single: ATS 800-1200)        FIRST CLASS * 33 Rooms
1FEB-1MAR, 18JUL-23AUG, 21DEC-5JAN: ATS 1400-1900 (Single: ATS 1100-1600)
Closed: 15OCT-15DEC.  Family-run, comfortable hotel with cozy atmosphere.
Restaurant with local specialties.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

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