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SLOVENIA 6310      IZOLA              MOROVA 6-A 
HOTEL SAN SIMON          Tel.(386)66-671 91        Fax (386)66-622 22
20% DISCOUNT on DM 78-88 (Single: DM 47-54)           TOURIST * 180 Rooms
JUL-AUG: DM 112-118 (Single: DM 71-74).  INCL.Breakfast
In the picturesque medieval town by the Slovenian coast.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

SLOVENIA 6310      IZOLA              DOBRAVA 1 A 
HOTEL HTP BELVEDERE      Tel.(386)66-653 25 /626 3 Fax (386)66-620 12
20% on DM 56-66 (Sgl: 39-45; JUL,AUG: 98 Dbl/64 Sgl)            113 Rooms
INCL.Breakfast.  Full Board: DM 10 EXTRA.  Children thru 10 pay 70%.
Camp hotel, restaurant, 3 outdoor pools, (table)tennis, mini golf.

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