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RUSSIA 420 008     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 13, CHALITOV 1 
.NPK PULSAR              Tel.(7)8432-371 214       Fax
20% DISCOUNT on Designing Electronic Equipment from US$ 500 per contract.

RUSSIA 420 015     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 34, MISLAVSKY 9 
.PKF RENOME              Tel.(7)8432-324 359       Fax
25% DISCOUNT on Advertising in the Iglan Newspaper.  This 50.000-copy
paper is distributed to banks, firms and other organizations

RUSSIA 420 034     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 116, DEMITROV 11 
SHOP DEFENSE (ZASCHITA)  Tel.(7)8432-552 204       Fax
15% DISCOUNT on Safes.  NO discount on imported safes.
We sell safes, armoured doors and other bank equipment.

RUSSIA 420 045     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.LUMUMBA 4 
ALTOS Firm               Tel.(7)8432-75 4652/1662  Fax
50% DISCOUNT on Urgent Stomatological Aid.

RUSSIA 420 084     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 109,  26A ERSHOV STREET 
.INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE Co Tel.(7)8432-75 2827/6369  Fax (7)8432-75 6369/6491
15% DISCOUNT on Property and Personal Insurances.  Founded in 1993 by
the industrial companies.  Licence N 1634 of Rosstra Khradzor.

RUSSIA 420 095     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 20, VOSSTANIYA 100 
.START Joint-Stock Comp. Tel.(7)8432-425 136       Fax (7)8432-425 652
25% DISCOUNT on Goods Transportation Worldwide & Storage.
NO Discount on production.  We produce metal-adhesive films,
polyvinil-butiral films (butaphole), thermo-adhesive films and
anti-corrosion automobile coating.

RUSSIA 420 111     KAZAN,Tatarstan    P.O.BOX 630,  PROFSOUZNAYA 10 
.KUZLER GLASSES          Tel.(7)8432-324 864       Fax (7)8432-324 864
20% DISCOUNT on Making of Spectacles.
NO Discount on settings, lenses and other purchases.  We insure
spectacles against breakage for one year.  The insurance certificate is
at the same time Life Insurance Policy.

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